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In its work, Misak seeks to launch programs, training courses, projects and initiatives that aim at establishing an integrated educational system that faces the challenges of the times.
It also sponsors the students in the educational stages within the institutions of higher education, and provides courses for the enhancement of teachers and teachers to develop their educational experiences and to learn the best ways to deal with information and delivery to students.

Misak Vision

Misak dedicates its efforts to its educational institution to achieve an integrated and comprehensive education system capable of leading the next strategic stage.
It also places a bright spot on its bright horizon. Its first concern is the development of public education and providing students with the knowledge and skills to achieve maximum success and excellence in a global educational framework.

About Misak

Misak is international educational company specialized in the establishment, development and management of educational institutions, providing public educational services – owned by a number of Arab and Turkish businessmen.

Was founded in the Republic of Turkey to be one of the educational companies competing regionally, a leading company in the field of educational development in the Republic of Turkey and beyond.

Misak offers innovative solutions that enable young people and students at all levels of education to achieve optimal education using the best and most modern educational facilities.

Misak Goals

Methaq has a set of strategic and interim goals in its work, and seeks to work with current and prospective partners from the ministries of education in Arab countries, universities and educational institutions in Turkey and abroad.

Our strategic objectives include:

  • Develop the educational system in a comprehensive manner, and provide the student with knowledge and skill to reach the maximum success and excellence in the scope of global education
  • To be the exclusive executor of projects and programs of the strategic plan for the development of public education in Turkey and the Middle East.

Our interim objectives include the implementation of a variety of :

  • Human development courses and Arabic language courses for non-native speakers and foreign languages ​​and computer courses.
  • Launching of educational platforms and websites, and providing students with guided lessons that explain the curriculum.
  • Preparation of curricula and accompanying books and teaching aids.
  • Attention to the entertainment side of students through external activities and trips.

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